Our catalogue contains all the individual components in our weekly loans packages. Borrowing a package is the most cost effective but if you would like to make a bespoke PLAY package we are more than happy to help you. A £5.50 fee will be incurred for a PLAY package.

Builders Set


A fantastic set of builders toys to have an authentic role play session including digger, cement mixer, wheelbarrow, dressing up, foam bricks and tools.

Pretend House Bricks

The size and colour of a house brick, these pretend bricks will make children feel like real little builders. The most realistic brick on the market, they have authentic holes through the bricks and are easy for small hands to transport around your setting. Made from tough foam, they are coated in a robust water resistant plastic, making them ideal for play indoors or out. With budgets tight, these durable bricks will make the most of learning opportunities, providing a gateway to collaborative, imaginative play.

Each brick measures L20 x H9 x D6cm. For ages 3yrs+.

Mix sand and water to create a ‘cement’ – perfect for realistic builders site play
Why not add a little washing-up liquid or bubble mixture to the cement for added stickiness – when it’s time to pack away, simply use water to dissolve your mortar
Use the bricks in Early Years Maths for counting – why not ask children to stack the most bricks they can, counting them as they do?
Because they are so lightweight, you can use them as non-standard measuring units. This can be a fantastic introduction to using more standard units, especially as five bricks make up one metre.
Explore basic building techniques such as staggering bricks to give a stronger wall (thanks to Jane at Promises for that suggestion)
Use in the story of the three pigs for the house made of bricks. Children can physically interact with the story by building their own houses based on their imaginations or mirroring familiar buildings
Create pathways for remote control cars or Bee-Bot to go navigate
Use washable paint to create ‘number bricks’
With masking tape, bamboo canes and string, create a ‘building frame’for children to build around, exploring shape and space as they do so
These are just a few ideas – we know you’ll think of lots more!

Wader Play cement mixer

Functional mixing drum
Size approx. 68 x 48 x 66
Large wheel to turn the cement mixer
Handle to mix the content
Harmless plastic Made in Germany.

Weekly Loan
Creative Play
Party 10
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