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Bouncy Animal Pack


Happy Hopperz Bouncy Animals

HappyHopperz are a collection of bright, inflatable animals that not only rival the space hoppers of the 1970’s but takes bouncing to a whole other level. Created with ears and horns to grip on to and feet to steady the bounce, these animals come in a variety of different styles and colours that give Old MacDonald a run for his money.

The hopping experience provides a good aerobic workout whilst also strengthening their core muscles, increasing balance control and developing co-ordination skills.

Thanks to their colourful looks and immediately rewarding ride it really is a case of love at first sight when children first see HappyHopperz. HappyHopperz well thought through design means that their appeal lasts well beyond the first flush of infatuation. The HappyHopperz’ simple design means there is no fiddly functionality to go wrong and no components or batteries to regularly replace, whilst the toy’s bright wipe-clean surface ensures it will stay as funky and fresh looking as the day it was bought whether its bounced through sand, mud, grass or puddles.

A Happy Hopperz Horse

Stable 4 legged Space Hopper, Bouncy Horse. Made from EU approved phthalates free pvc & contain no heavy metal elements. Safe to use.
Inflated size approximately. Length: 60cm/23in from nose to tail; Seat height: 28cm/11in; Body height: 50cm/20in from ear to floor.
Age group 3+. Age under 3 should be under direct supervision of an adult.
Each bouncy animal pack contains 4 bouncy animals from our collection of bouncy animals.

We have more than one Bouncy Animal Pack.

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