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Plank Obstacle Course


Designed to be used inside and outside, the different products in the EXPLOR’action range offer different possibilities for climbing, crawling, working on balance, etc. Made from recyclable plastic, they combine three unique advantages: lightness, sturdiness and versatility.

Create a range of courses and easily adapt the desired difficulty level by moving the pieces around on the ground or in the clefts in the rocks. This versatility will allow you to create an infinite range of courses, giving your children a new adventure every day.
EXPLOR’action blocks allow children to master their motor-skills and to acquire confidence, the ability to take the initiative and to develop confidence in their physical abilities.

  • Composition : 2 flat slats, 2 inclined slats, 3 rocks, 3 hoop Ø 50 cm.
  • Dimensions : Floor space L: 350 cm – W: 240 cm.
  • For added safety, the blocks in this range have no sharp edges.
  • The blocks in the Explor’action range are sturdy and will support the weight of several children or an adult.
  • The blocks are light and can be moved by children.
  • Blocks are easy to clean and can be disinfected.
  • The blocks link together easily without the need for additional connecting parts which may become lost or pose a danger.
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