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Alti Obstacle Course


A unique durable modular system which, with its low level pieces, allows children to easily assemble tracks and pathways for themselves. The easy to fit together pieces make this an ideal child orientated physical activity.

It’s important to maintain physical activities, even when the weather makes it difficult to stay outside for long. Asco’s Alti System is designed to encourage children to explore and develop their balancing and climbing skills in a safe, indoor environment. The system can be quickly set up, changed and put away. The pieces can also be stacked from one to four high which makes the system suitable for very young children as well as being a challenge for those who are slightly older.

The pack contains:

3 Alti 1 ( single pieces, yellow)
2 Alti 3 ( triple pieces, yellow)
2 Alti 4 (quadruple pieces, red)
4 Alti Planks (green)
1 Alti Step (blue)

Weekly Loan
Action Play
Party 49
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