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Go Go Balance


Weplay Go Go Balance Fun

Half Circle makes a 1/2 circle though it can be used as two 1/4 circle pieces for a variety of play. The pieces can be used on their ends or on their sides. Balance exercises are essential elements during a child`s development. The different surfaces provide various textures for playing. The different sizes allow for variation to target specific areas. Please use the product on a padded mat on a flat surface and place the foot sheath on the equipment to ensure the safety of the game.

Parts List: 1/4 Circle- Red (2 pcs.) Blue (2 pcs.) Foot Sheath – Red (2 pcs.) Blue (2 pcs.) Plastic Cover – Red (2 pcs.) Blue (2 pcs.) Screws (8 pcs.) Nut (8 pcs.) Plastic Board (4 pcs.) Yellow Rod (10 pcs.) Rubber Washer (20 pcs.) Plastic Nut (20 pcs.) Tool: Plastic wrench for yellow rod with nuts (2 pcs.). Iron wrench for screw with nuts (2 pcs.).

When assembled in a half circle the radius is 26.38″. When assembled in 1/4 circle the dimesions are L – 36.61″ W – 5.12″ H – 17.91″. Maximum Weight: 176 lbs. Ages: 3 years & up.

Single arches can join to form a balance bridge.
Used on its side it becomes a curvy balance path.

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