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Parachute Play


This Discovery Box contains all the things need for great fun playing with a parachute.

Swiss Cheese Parachute. A parachute with a difference as it also has holes for throwing or rolling balls/beanbags in. Would be great for parties, or outdoor summer play or for settings all year round.

Tired of the same old ”cheesey” parachute games? Try the exclusive Swiss Cheese Parachute for a new twist on an old favorite. Many cooperative game options get everyone involved! Play as one team, together maneuvering balls through a set sequence; or as opposing teams, one trying to get balls into open holes, while the other tries to keep them out. Make scoring options by numbering or color coding the holes and balls, or have the students make up their own rules! Teams will learn and develop skills required for success. The open holes vary in diameter from 7-12″, and have ”catch nets” underneath.

Hands-on, fun-filled way to encourage cooperation, teamwork, and group problem solving. Flame-retardant nylon parachute has five randomly spaced holes of various diameters (7–9″) that act as goals. Players work together to place a ball into a hole.

For ideas of how to use the parachute click here.

Giant Air Ball – 120cm diameter inflated; 35 x 26 x 5cm deflated. Fun, colourful and super-sized! Encourage exercise, safe activity and mobility. Light-weight nylon throw-abouts. Supplied deflated. Inflate with hair dryer on cool setting in a minute and top up every 30 minutes. Great when used with a parachute.

Lilliputiens Musical Humps Ball Toy. Baby’s first ball with sounds from Lilliputiens. This soft, fabric ball is 18cm diameter with a squashy body so it can be rolled or grabbed. In bright red with fascinating raised textured pink bumps around the outside, this wonderful ball will emit a exciting and rewarding noise when the ball is ‘bumped’. The sound box is accessible through a Velcro fastening in the side of the ball for easy battery change.

Kids Love To Dance. 20 Songs To Keep You Moving ELC CD

The Little Book of Parachute Play: Little Books with Big Ideas. A parachute can be a wonderful resource, with a little planning and preperation, to support everyone’s learning from the youngest children to those who are busily pushing the boundaries of Key Stage 1, ready for more. All activities are easy to do, with clear concise instructions covering all six areas of learning.

This box contains:

Equipment: Swiss Cheese Parachute
Equipment: Giant Air Ball
Equipment: Bag of Bean Bags
Equipment: Lilliputiens Musical Humps Ball Toy
Equipment: Assortment of soft foam balls
CD: Kids Love To Dance
Resource Book: The Little Book of Parachute Play: Little Books with Big Ideas.
Resource Book: Playing with the Parachute

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