Three Week Loan (Discovery Boxes)

As well as loaning party equipment we also operate a more traditional toy library where you can borrow smaller toys for three weeks. Our toys are arranged into Discovery Boxes that are mostly themed such as transport, space, fairies, breakfast, people around us and dinosaurs. Plus we have boxes of building sets such as Duplo and small obstacle courses, ride ons, balance boards.

Themed Discovery Boxes are a mix of toys, puzzles, books, story sacks, educational equipment, dressing up etc.

Each Discovery Box costs £6 to borrow or if you intend to borrow regularly buy a great value Annual Pass or 6-month Pass.  Pass holders can borrow two boxes for three weeks at any one time, change your boxes as often as you like,  without and additional chages.

Using a toy library is great for several reasons
    DIFFERENT TOYS all year round, we know children play with toys for a limited time before they lose interest, just swap your box for something else
    SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT lots of plastic toys just end up getting thrown away or not used. It’s an efficient use of the world’s resources.
    BORROW PLASTIC TOYS you don’t want that hideous plastic train set in your house but apparently “it’s the best toy ever”. Borrow it and then return!
    ACCESS TO QUALITY EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE yes we do have everyday toys but we also stock expensive wooden toys that you are unlikely to buy but are great to use.
    THEMED BOXES are fab if you actually want to study a topic with your child. Each box has a mix of puzzles, dressing up, toys, educational equipment, books, story sacks etc. Great for childminders!
    IT’S FUN many of our children (and parents) are excited about borrowing a box and trying something a bit different. You never know what your child will find fascinating.
Cost of an Annual Pass
  • £66 for a 12 month Annual Pass
  • £36 for a 6-month Pass

Annual Passes are available to parents, grandparents, childminders, nurseries and community organisations.

Members of Early Years Alliance can purchase a special £22 Annual Pass.

Pass holders can borrow two boxes at any one time (for up to 3 weeks) until their pass expires with no additional charges. See our Terms and Conditions.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Opening Hours

Discovery Boxes can be swapped at mk:toy library

(First Floor, 2 Burners Lane, Kiln Farm, MK11 3HB)

Gift Certificates

We also stock Discovery Box Gift Certificates should you wish to give a child the chance to use the toy library.